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Prior to this venture, a few months ago I started an email newsletter. The concept has been fairly straightforward: I tend to consume a lot of content (pardon the obnoxious ad-speak), and, just in time for the weekend, the aim is to single out the five (format-agnostic) stories I enjoyed the most that week and get them into your inbox.

The overarching purpose, albeit maybe a bit selfish, has been to somehow stay in touch with those I don’t get to see as often as I’d like, by sharing some of the things I’d probably discuss with them over dinner.

There’s no specific theme to these, either (especially not anything directly pertaining to my industry). Here are some examples:

Documenting hype culture
You might be familiar with the massive queues that Supreme stores often command… So, in a way, it’s no surprise that a collab with Louis Vuitton (arguably the world’s most famous luxury brand) generated unseen levels of hysteria. 1843 Magazine went on-the-ground to investigate the London drop…
👟 The Hype Economy

The reality of the avocado trade
If you (also) frequently find yourself spending £15 on some kind of avocado dish at brunch, you’ll get a kick out of this. I’m no activist, but I found it fascinatingly tragic how this global superfood craze eventually led drug cartels to diversify their portfolios by taking control of production.
🥑 The True Cost Of Our Avocado Obsession

Enter El Mencho
I recently read this fascinating Rolling Stone investigative piece about a new(er) Mexican drug lord who somehow is even more ruthless than those before him – introducing Rubén Oseguera Cervantes, also known as “El Mencho.” His rise went mostly unnoticed while the US and Mexican authorities were focusing on El Chapo, and it seems the upcoming season of Narcos will be looking to explore a very similar narrative, focusing on the Cali-Medellín cartels.
🔫 The Brutal Rise of El Mencho


Now, these mailouts haven’t gone out as frequently as they should’ve… Especially once autumn came round (and with it, the typical marcomms chaos ensued).

However, the three measly emails I’ve sent out so far seem to have been quite well received. I’ve been very impressed and humbled by the number of people who have kindly taken the time to read, click through, send feedback and prod me to keep filling their inbox… Including those who have done it slightly more aggressively (thanks, Cristina).

So do please feel free to spread the word, sign up and strap in, because these will keep coming…